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Hurricane Irma 2017

Posted by on 9/28/2017
Hurricane Irma 2017
Now that hurricane Irma has passed we are able to reflect on just what damage has taken place. Luckily for the crew at AquaFX we suffered minimal damage to our homes and business. However AquaFX was among many that were without internet and phone service for over a week.

On the residential side of things, some of the crew that lived east of Orlando suffered minimal loss of power and internet. While those of us closer to the shop in Winter Park (like myself) were without power for over a week which got a little uncomfortable at times with the Florida heat and humidity. But most of us were able to seek refuge with a family member or friend.  

Keeping generators running for a lot of Reef shop owners and hobbyists was the name of the game. Simply finding gas was challenging at times, but everyone seemed to think ahead which gave stations a chance to refuel prior to Irma making landfall.  

Here at AquaFX HQ we were giving out free RO water to the public in an effort to help out anyone we could. It seemed to be a huge success which was great! Below are a few pics of our local area taken by our staff's cell phones. 

Thanks to everyone for their patience with us thru this headache!! :) We are back and ready to take care of any of your RO concerns!!