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AquaFX Piggyback membrane Kit

Part Number:Piggy
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Includes The AquaFX TFC Membrane, a Membrane Housing, 2 Mounting Clips, 3 Quick Connect Tees, matching flow restrictor, and additional tubing.
AquaFX Piggyback Membrane Kit 

The AquaFX Piggyback RO Membrane Kit is the perfect way to increase the efficiency and production of your RO/DI system. Whether you're trying to increase the gallons per day (GPD) of your RO system, or just consume less waste water for your aquarium and home use. This kit can easily make an additional 100 GPD for any RO system, bringing production up to 200 or 300 GPD is very simple with our Piggyback kit. This Piggy Back Membrane kit is the best way to have increase your RO production with the possibility of lowering your waste water ratio. You will have the option to set your Piggyback kit up in one of two ways discussed below  - (check out our YouTube video for help with installation) 

1) In Series - This method will reduce the overall waste water ratio of the unit. You will supply your new RO Membrane with the waste water from the previous RO membrane, so you have 2 RO membranes producing product water, but only one RO membrane creating waste water. Because you lose roughly 10psi across any RO membrane element, you MUST HAVE at least 55 psi at the feed of the first RO membrane. If your system is 200 GPD, you can still add a third RO membrane to achieve 300 GPD. 

2) In Parallel - In this fashion you will double or triple your systems flow thru the product water, and out of the waste water. You are essentially doubling or even tripling your flow. You can add up to 3 RO membranes, for a maximum total of 300 GPD. Anything larger than 300 GPD requires larger tube and quickly becomes a commercial system like the AquaFX Blue Marlin. 

Parts Included with the AquaFX Piggy Back Membrane Kit -

  • AquaFX TFC RO Membrane (Select the GPD thats right for you on the drop down menu) 
  • RO Membrane Hosing
  • 2 x RO Membrane Mounting Clips (Clips Mount to other RO membrane)
  • 3 x Quick Connect 1/4 T fittings 
  • GPD Matching Flow Restrictor 
  • All 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings for Membrane housing with 
  • Additional RO tubing 

Recommended Feed Conditions when running the kit in Parallel 

  • Ensure the feed PSI into the RO system is no less than 55 psi
  • Inlet Temp 77 def F - (Colder water will result in slower production performance)
  • Consider using an AquaFX RO Booster pump to increase production and RO membrane rejection
  • Use softened water when available to minimize scaling on the RO membrane

AquaFX does offer 150 GPD RO membranes, however after years of testing we have found that the necessity for having a higher feed pressure (on 150 GPD Membranes) often causes inconvenience to the customers. 

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